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6 UML tools for every occasion

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UML tools | The best use case diagram software - - IONOS

Related Teamwork Cloud Teamwork Cloud is No Magic's next generation repository for collaborative development and version model storage. MagicDraw Teamwork Server Teamwork Server makes it easy to exchange data directly in the context of your work. Merge plugin Model Merge enables copying changes between different project versions. OCL is typically used to specify invariant conditions that must hold for the system being modeled.

Also,derived property specifications can be defined using OCL. It includes entity-relationship, database, and XML schema modeling features. Zachman Framework The Zachman Framework is a formal and highly structured way of viewing and defining an enterprise from different perspectives. It is represented as a classification schema for artifacts that is used for enterprise architecture modeling. It provides a toolbox of tasks with input and output work products, guidelines and best practices. The FAS plugin provides automation of trivial, but modeling-intense steps involved in proceeding according to the method.

Simulation Cameo Simulation Toolkit allows you to simulate a model and validate the functionality or performance of a system in the context of a realistic mockup of the intended user interface. Cameo Simulation Toolkit provides the solutions that enable you to predict how the system responds to user interactions, predefined test data, and simulation scenarios. Safety and Reliability Analysis Cameo Safety and Reliability Analyzer Plugin enables a model-based approach to safety and reliability analysis.

Model validation Validation checks the model for correctness and completeness, displays errors in the model and suggests solutions. Dependency matrix Allows you to create, analyze, and modify relations between model elements. You can also specify dynamic scope for the dependency matrix. Relation map Use a relation map diagram to review and analyze relations between the elements of the whole model, and specify dynamic scope for the relation map. Traceability 1 Track, visualize, navigate, and analyze the elements involved in the traceability relations.

Model comparison Compare projects, analyze comparison result, and generate a project comparison differences report. Metrics Track the evolution of model development, obtaining the numerical evaluation of a particular aspect of it e.

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Requirements coverage. Risk analysis UPDM plugin or Cameo Enterprise Architecture is required Cameo RiskManager provides a fully automated push-button cyber risk analysis of your enterprise architecture views e. Our easy to use operational model element editors provide add, delete, and modification capabilities to ensure a complete and comprehensive model is analyzed. Analysis of element usages and dependencies Track and analyze element usages and dependencies in models, and understand the relationships between used and dependent elements.

Package dependency diagram wizard Use the package dependency diagram wizard to create a package diagram containing packages and show the relationships between them. Requirements gathering Capture requirements in the requirement diagram and requirements table by creating or importing them in the modeling tool. The requirement diagram provides modeling constructs to represent text-based requirements.

Requirements decomposition Decompose requirements in the containment tree, requirement diagram or requirement table.

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You can create relationships, including derive, refine, satisfy, or verify, directly in the Requirement Diagram or the Requirement Matrices. Requirements validation Evaluates the completeness and correctness of your models using built-in and custom validation suites. Requirements gap and coverage analysis Perform the requirement gap and coverage analysis using the diagram pane, requirement matrices and metric tables Metric table is available from MagicDraw Architect edition.

Change impact analysis Use impact analysis to minimize the risk of introducing undesirable effects to the system by increasing your understanding of how the proposed change might affect the elements in the system change.

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  • Analysis of suspect links Track changes in requirements that are linked to design elements, track unlinked requirements or deprecated requirements. Requirements numbering When you create requirements, they are numbered by default with their unique IDs. The special validation rules ensure that each Requirement ID in your project is unique.

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    Automated requirements verification Cameo Simulation Toolkit required By calculating system parameters, you can verify system requirements and decide if the parameters are satisfied or not. The modeling tool enables you to perform this verification automatically. View Integrations. Model merge Merge different versions of projects, as well as copy changes between different project versions. Model decomposition Decompose your model to separate projects and share parts or compose your model by using parts of models stored in another project. Manage, analyze, and review any amount of data in tables quicker and easier with Hierarchical Display Modes.

    You can specify the dynamic scope for the table. Refactoring Convert one element type to another or replace the element with another element of the same metatype.

    Geological Software List/Liste de logiciels géologiques/géophysiques/géochimiques

    Structured expression Use a structured expression to specify criteria for querying your model or use it as the bodyof an executable opaque behavior, metric definition or validation rule. Numbering mechanism Number elements by setting the ID, select different numbering schemes or modify numbering properties defined by the numbering customization. Automatic instantiation wizard Create instances of various entities with just a few clicks. Parameters and Arguments synchronization Automatic synchronization of Parameters and Arguments Pins, InteractionUse Arguments, Message Arguments, and other increases modeling speed and helps avoid an invalid model.

    Spelling checker Check the spelling, set spell check options or add a dictionary. Any to Any and Profile Migration transformation Use Any to Any transformation in conjunction with a type map to search-and-replace usages of one type with another type. Transformation Use Cameo Data Modeler to convert models between different modeling domains i. Displaying elements Display related elements, internal structure, parts or ports of the selected symbols.

    Drag and drop Create relationships or assign property values by dragging and dropping one element onto another right in the diagram pane.

    Free UML Tool for Fast UML Diagrams

    Extracting in diagrams Move a selected part of a diagram to a newly created Activity, State Machine, Sequence or Composite Structure diagram. Model structure management via tree-like interface The model browser provides a visual representation of the model hierarchy and system structure. Smart package A smart package is a special collection of model elements. Pick up elements from different places in the model and place them into one package, for easier scope definition or collecting all frequently used elements.

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    Element filtering Specify element types that should be displayed in the model browser. Highlighting unsaved model changes Identify unsaved model changes in the model browser. Element search Search by element name, stereotype, tag or constraint value, or element documentation. Search in diagrams Search for textual information in all types of diagrams, including tables, matrices and maps. Use search in diagrams to find a specific text phrase in a diagram and navigate through the highlighted search results. Hyperlinks to web or other model elements Add a hyperlink on an element or entire diagram.

    Navigation through the diagrams Enables navigation both backward and forward through the diagrams using web-style navigation buttons. Diagram layout engine with 13 layout styles Use the diagram layout engine to automatically lay out all or selected symbols in your diagrams to save time making diagrams look good and increase readability of the diagrams.