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  3. Create a Table of Contents in Word for Mac. Learn Microsoft Word | Five Minute Lessons

This function no longer seems to work, at least in the version of Word I'm using. Help would be greatly appreciated! I don't have a Mac to test with, so I can't comment on that platform's behaviour. Perhaps it's a Mac thing Originally Posted by fleurlou. I've actually just tried updating the table of contents for this same file, on a PC in an older version of Word, and had the same problem.

I might try saving back to. Corrupt documents can often be 'repaired' by inserting a new, empty, paragraph at the very end, copying everything except that new paragraph to a new document based on the same template, closing the old document and saving the new one over it.

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Have you tested with the attachment to post 7? I have, and it absorbs the manual line breaks in both the. I've figured it out!

But this was inserting a paragraph break. Thanks for your help, Paul! Thread Tools Show Printable Version. All times are GMT The time now is PM. Contact Us - Privacy Statement - Top. User Name. Remember Me? Today's Posts. Search Forum with Google. Tag Search.

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Section Heading Styles

Display Modes. Join Date: May Posts: 9. Problem with automatic table of contents Hi, I'm trying to write my PhD thesis at the moment and I have a problem with automatic table of contents. View Public Profile. Send a private message to pogonoforysci1. Find all posts by pogonoforysci1. Send a private message to Charles Kenyon. Find all posts by Charles Kenyon. Send a private message to macropod. Find all posts by macropod. Attached Files.

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  8. TOC demo. Join Date: Apr Posts: 4. I'm having the same problem I am having the exact same problem. Send a private message to fleurlou. But there is an important point before you trying to create TOC. Microsoft Word will add only heading styles 1, 2 and 3 from your document in the TOC.

    How to Create a Table of Contents in Word 2016 for Mac

    You can click on the heading to navigate to that section. This way you can navigate to different sections of a document without creating explicit TOC inside your document. Using pre-installed styles for table of contents is one of the fastest and the most common techniques we can see.

    Most of the people use it and make their work faster and save a lot of time. For adding a table of content automatically, you need to be at the page where you want to add a table of content. Hit enter key to create enough space, again go up to the first line and follow the below steps for inserting TOC. The length of TOC depends on the length of your document and the number of headings you have added to your document. The TOC with built-in style works great in most cases. But there are certain cases you may need to include additional headings created with custom styles.

    These custom heading styles are not included in the built-in TOC. At any case, you can customize the table of contents as per your need using custom table of contents option. Here you can choose the levels of headings, outline levels and choose table entry fields option. Table of Contents Options with Custom Styles. Table of Contents with Turning on Large Headings. When Word generates TOC, it links to the corresponding headings automatically. Hover the mouse on any of the headings on the table of contents. Scrolling to Particular Section with Hyperlinks.

    Microsoft has two versions of Word for Mac — and The version works as explained above while version works similar to earlier Word versions of or as explained below:. In the options dialog box, it will show some options which allows you to build table of contents of your choice. Unfortunately the hyperlinks of table of contents will not work in Mac version of Microsoft Word.

    You will have two options to update the TOC — update page numbers only and update entire table. Choose to update the page numbers when you have added additional content in-between resulting the headings to move to different pages.

    Creating a Table of Contents in Word 2016 for Mac (see note below for Headings video link)

    If you have modified the document including headings then choose update entire table option to update the TOC based on new content. People get confused with the levels used in TOC. Below example explains how Word converts the headings from the content to links in the TOC. The prefix 1, 2, 2. Whereas the level 1, 2, 3, etc. You can select the actual content in TOC and customize the font and paragraph settings.

    But this will be overwritten when you update the TOC.

    Create a Table of Contents in Word for Mac. Learn Microsoft Word | Five Minute Lessons

    The easy way to modify the settings is to customize the themes of TOC. Word uses different style for each heading level in TOC. Here you can choose the TOC level and customize the format and fonts as per your need. It becomes a lot easier for the person to find the required sections quickly.

    As you have learned in this guide, adding a table of contents in your documents is not a hectic task.