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If this is possible, couldn't Intuit just include this process in the Quicken software? Jan 23, 6, 1, East Coast. I'll try that. Where can I buy Quicken ? Does Intuit no longer sell it? I found it on Amazon, but it says "Old Version". Is this what I'm looking for? Duff-Man macrumors Dec 26, 2, 2 Albuquerque, NM.

Duff-Man says Mar 27, 0. I don't think that will work.

Quicken Free Download

The OP has a Quicken file. Apparently, Q won't convert a Q file I looked everywhere. I couldn't find my Q disk, otherwise I'd have offered it to the OP. Oct 10, 1 0. Sorry, wrong version dcains said:. That's insane, but not really a surprise, considering how Intuit has treated its Mac customers for too ,any years. But I did find this one their site. Is it a download of Quicken ?

TDarby macrumors newbie. Oct 15, 2 0. I then used the terminal mode restart on the old Mac and connected to the new iMac intel running OSX I opened the Quicken for Mac Lion compatible version on the new mac and used the open file option from the file drop down menu. All accounts and balances transferred into the new Lion version. Now not everything transferred over to the new version but the accounts all did with correct balances as well. The items missing were mostly preferences and setup configurations. These were easily matched with the old by adding upcoming and scheduled bills, hide and show accounts in the accounts window, toolbar accounts, and quickfill transactions.

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I just copied manually the scheduled bills. Edited the accounts shown and hidden at the same time as I checked the accounts I wanted shown in the toolbar. I used the registers to re-spell a word in old transactions and hit enter to create new quickfill items.

I finished the conversion by editing the toolbars to match what I was using in the version and that was enough for me to get rolling. So, long story short, no Quicken Essentials conversion, no Quicken for Mac , , conversion from Essentials, and no conversion back to from Essentials was needed.

No file exchange utility needed. Maybe it's just the PPC version that creates the. I know if you try to save a copy, it creates a.

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Just food for thought. Last edited: Oct 15, If Intuit allowed Quicken users to move their Quicken data to Mint, I would be happy to make the switch. I think Quicken for Windows is alive and well, with several products released each year. I believe they understand the importance of backward compatibility to users, and if they ever did ditch the traditional Quicken for an online product it would require equivalent functionality and compatibility with existing data.

After all, people do not use Quicken just for fun… they keep track of important things such as cost basis of securities for tax treatment , charitable donations, etc. Eventually, I had to run an emulator with the Windows versions to accomplish anything. If you are serious about using Quicken as a tool to manage finances, Windows as much as I hate Microsoft is the only way to go.

I also wonder how hard it really is to port over the Windows version of Quicken over to Mac since they are both on Intel processors now. Seems like I can get a Mac version of just about everything else.

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I first heard of Mint more than 4 years ago, and have talked to all sorts of people that love it. The issue for me, as a marketing analyst, is that I know Mint. I would sign up, and pay for it, if I had a guarantee my data would be only visible to me and not available for data mining. I grew tired of Quicken getting more buggy and unstable with each release and their three-year forced upgrades , and I wanted software that would run natively on my Mac. They have a trial version that allows you to import Quicken data, download transactions, and enter up to transactions manually, so you get a good chance to try it before you buy it.

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Quicken 2007 and Lion will play nice for $15

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Derek says:. Not all Quicken desktop features are available in the App. The App is a companion app and will work only with Quicken and above desktop products. Full payment is charged to your card immediately. At the end of the membership period, membership will automatically renew every year and you will be charged the then-current price prices subject to change. You may cancel before renewal date.

Quicken 2006 For Mac Offers Smart Payee Feature, More

For full details, consult the Quicken License Agreement. You can manage your subscription at your My Account page. See for full details and instructions. Star added.