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Game Dev Tycoon forces those who pirate the game to unwittingly fail from piracy •

Follow Report Profile. Platforms Windows , Mac , Linux. Engine Custom. Contact Send Message. Homepage Greenheartgames. Release date Released Game watch Follow. Community Rating. Average 8.

Genre Realistic Sim. Theme Realism. Players Single Player. Project Indie.

The rest of the game wasn't even close to being finished yet. This looks very familiar at a glance but in the final version we replaced the 3D modeled characters by more cartoony 2D ones and reworked the level art to be more crisp, stylized, and colorful. We also ditched the cut-off wall look. Left: preview style. Right: release graphics. We were quite nervous releasing just a preview game but within days we had nearly a thousand downloads and 4. We were the very first simulation game on the Store. Fueled by the positive response and early reviews, we put our heads down and developed the rest of the game.

Here are a few images from the process. This is the evolution of our second level. From basic sketch and a painted version in our old art-style to complete reboot and finally a vector draft which is quite close to what we ended up with. By the time we designed the last level we had optimized our design process.

Below you see a much more streamlined progression from sketch to layout concept to final piece. On the UI front, we quickly decided against a more commonly seen fancy UI and instead focused on big readable text and minimalism.

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Here is a comparison between an early design versus what it ended up looking like. With around sales on day 1, we made it to spot 3! Sadly, Windows 8 and particularly the Windows Store didn't quite reach the adoption we had hoped for and sales quickly dropped and leveled out. We knew that we had to port the game to a wider audience if we wanted to be able to work on another game full-time.

Late April , we published the game on our own store via our website. At the same time we released a modified version on torrent site as a little piracy experiment. I still remember saying that after working non-stop on the game for over a year, I was planning to take a week off.

I was just gonna publish the results of our piracy experiments first. I published the story late at night, went to bed and when I woke up the next morning everything was on fire. Our piracy story went viral overnight. We had emails in our inbox. Emails kept flooding in and because of the sudden influx of players so too did the bug reports.

Avis Game Dev Tycoon sur PC

At the same time the discussion around our experiment exploded and the press wanted to talk to us. We hired some help to handle emails but decided to listen to our players and retreated from the spotlight to focus on the game instead. With all the new players, lots of valuable feedback and critique was brought to our attention and after we were Greenlit for a Steam release we decided to address those concerns.

Four months later, this resulted in the release of the improved Steam version on August 30th, Steam in Since the original Steam release a lot has happened. We are incredibly honored and humbled by the success of Game Dev Tycoon and for the past five years we have turned this small two-brother team into a seven-people indie studio and poured our heart into developing our next game: Tavern Keeper. It's not ready yet but we plan to write an update in coming weeks and give you a better idea of what to expect.

Quite an old screenshot by now. We'll aim to share more soon. Please consider following our developer page and sign up to our newsletter if you want to know more.